Planner/Scheduler Job Description

The role of the planner scheduler is to ensure that all inventory and production requirements are planned to be available to meet agreed upon deadlines and in the correct quantities.

Job Description and Responsibilities

There are two interrelated responsibilities:


  • Release and track work orders, including tracking any WiP, pans and bulk needed and ensuring those are on time.

  • Communicate plans to production, customer service and management

  • Maintain dates, quantities, and statuses in JDE

  • Ensure JDE item master is correct

  • Requisition purchased items as needed with appropriate quantities and dates

  • Review placed purchased orders

  • Daily review and maintain MRP

  • Manage inventory to minimize obsolesce

  • Ensure the work orders are closed on a timely basis and any anomalies are investigated


  • Use Enterprise 1 and other technology (Access and ScheduleIT) to schedule the shop floor weekly to achieve 95% schedule attainment, finalized one week prior.

  • Develop valid, feasible production schedules based on equipment, labor and raw material availability.

  • Review New Product introductions, and Promotion Calendar to ensure that Supply Chain can support all program requirements.

  • Monitors the customer service commitments and assign priorities based on customer needs and production availability.

  • Publish and perform root cause analyses on key metrics including Customer Service Level, Actual vs. Scheduled Productions and Master Schedule Stability

  • Interact frequently with manufacturing personnel to balance demand and customer service commitments.

  • Identify failures to standard that impact manufacturing capacity/flexibility. Review monthly.

  • As necessary, exercise project leadership for new computer-based systems, in both selection and implementation processes.  Using software vendor and other users as sources, learn operation of such system(s).  Coordinate pilot testing.  Conduct training programs for other users in department.

  • Participate in meetings and keep up to date on issues related to Manufacturing, Planning, New Product introductions, Line Fill Rates, Metrics, and other related Supply Chain issues.

  • Resolve issues by presenting various alternatives for decisions at monthly S&OP meetings.

  • Advise Production Planner regarding production schedule adjustments and special distribution

  • Standard for Work Orders:

  • Must reflect the BoM

  • Be accurate in regards to quantity, date & parts list

  • Must be tracked and maintained through the entire cycle from start to reconciliation

  • May not be released to production unless all components are available (unless directed to do so by management)

  • Must be grouped where possible to maximize productivity


  • Five years manufacturing shop floor planning experience, ERP (JDE or SAP preferred).

Contact Information:

Sr. Human Resources Advisor
32-02 Queens Boulevard, Long Island City, NY 11101
Tel: 718-361-2550