Brenda Gallagher, MANA Vice President of New Business Development

Brenda Gallagher, MANA Vice President of New Business Development

At this year’s Indie Beauty Expo in Los Angeles, MANA’s own Brenda Gallagher, Vice President of New Business Development, shared her expertise on “Choosing the Right Manufacturing Solution.”  

As part of a panel discussion, she acquainted indie beauty brand founders with MANA’s capabilities as a contract and private label manufacturer of cosmetics, skincare and hair care.

Here are the top 5 takeaways from Brenda’s remarks:

1.     Private Label helps new indie brands spend money wisely 

Private label manufacturing is a perfect way to start,” says Brenda. “It allows you to keep your money invested into your marketing side, which is really important.”

In fact, Brenda believes that “Branding and marketing are the two most important things you should focus on initially. Developing your brand voice and how you need to differentiate yourself in the marketplace is paramount.”

2.     “Market-ready” formulas will exceed your customers’ expectations

Private Label manufacturing is your curator in the world of cosmetics and skincare.  It gives you the shortcuts to make the best decisions for your brand. A Private Label solution means that it’s already a manufactured, commercialized formula.

At MANA, we have library of proprietary, private label formulas that are not one-product-portfolio-fits-all. We have 80 chemists on staff and different divisions to suit your formulation needs. We look at your brand’s DNA, along with the latest trends, and help you select items to choose from. We offer clean and vegan formulas benchmarked against acceptable industry standards, such as Sephora’s Clean List. And, we are constantly updating our guidelines to stay compliant with regulations and trends.


3.     Key certifications and regulatory issues are already taken care of

“Regulatory can be an overwhelming obstacle when you go into distribution,” says Brenda.

“At MANA, we always ask where you’re planning to distribute. Our products are formulated and labeled for sale in the United States and many are also available for the EU. We can develop any formula for global distribution and closely evaluate the unique regulatory requirements for each marketplace.”

4.     Private Label lets you start small and grow smart

“These days, smart indie beauty brands are super focused, and many are launched with a single product category. Skincare (as I’m sure you know from walking the Indie Beauty Expo floor) is trending at the moment.”

“But, even if you start with skincare, I recommend keeping your assortment tight. I’d much rather you are successful with one launch than have a warehouse full of products that aren’t giving you the momentum you need in the marketplace.”


5.      Brands that start with Private Label transition smoothly to custom formulas

“Private Label is only the starting point,” notes Brenda. “It’s the smartest way to produce beauty products while you’re refining your business. Once you’re up and running in this competitive industry, Contract Manufacturing is the obvious way to move into custom formulas.  When you’re ready, contact MANA for a seamless and easy transition.”           

If you have questions about private label manufacturing, reach out to Brenda via mobile at (917) 679-6200, email at pl.info@manaproducts.com or submit a form here http://www.hmlmfc.cn/brand-accelerator.


Content and Strategy Development by Deanna Utroske

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