MANA invites you to the Biodesign Challenge 2020, an educational competition fostering the first generation of Biodesigners.

MANA is thrilled to be a sponsor of Biodesign Challenge 2020, which will culminate online June 15-19 at the annual Summit. BDC is an international competition where high school and university students partner with artists, designers, and scientists to create projects that envision and critique the future of biotechnology.

The MANA Prize for the Future of Beauty is awarded to the BDC team that explores how biotech can impact beauty products, practices, and concepts. We will be asking students to consider all aspects of beauty, including how biotech can influence beauty routines and concepts of beauty. Students will be encouraged to envision new cosmetic products, their ingredients and packaging, as well as how they function and are produced.

This year, 45 finalist teams will showcase their projects before an esteemed panel of 50+ judges from academia, the arts, and industry, and audiences from around the world. Only one team will be awarded the Glass Microbe, a unique glass trophy that is passed between each year’s winning teams.

Finalist teams were chosen from over 500 students from 12 countries across 6 continents who worked throughout the academic year to develop their ideas with consultation from expert scientists, artists, and designers. RSVP here: