MANA sponsors the 2020 Biodesign Challenge prize for the Future of Beauty


We’re excited to announce that MANA has partnered with the Biodesign Challenge to produce a new prize for BDC 2020.  The MANA Prize for the Future of Beauty will be awarded to the BDC team that explores new, sustainable alternatives to current beauty products and practices.  The award is part of their Platinum Level Sponsorship for the 2020 BioDesign Challenge Competition. 

This is the second consecutive year that MANA has supported the BDC competition and it's community. In 2019, MANA was a Bronze Level sponsor.  Daniel Grushkin, Executive Director of BDC says "I’m thrilled to have MANA with us again this year.  Over the last half-decade, the cosmetics industry has fully embraced the potential of bio design. Combining culture, aesthetics, chemistry, and of course, biology, beauty is a fascinating intersection of all aspects of our work and research. Thank you, MANA, for kicking off this exploration. We’re very much looking forward to seeing where our students will lead us!"

About the Prize:

The MANA Prize for the Future of Beauty will be awarded to the team that explores how biotech can impact beauty products, practices and concepts. We will be asking students to consider all aspects of beauty, including how biotech can influence beauty routines and concepts of beauty. Students will be encouraged to envision new cosmetic products, their ingredients and packaging, as well as how they function and are produced.

MANA will be hosting an exclusive webinar for this year's incoming classrooms on April 21, 2020 at 12:00pm.